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Riley Anderson
29 December 2028 @ 01:04 am
Hey, you've reached Riley. You know what to do.
Riley Anderson
11 January 2009 @ 01:45 am
Ever since the agreement had been reached about the kitten, Riley had started to collect little things here and there for her new pet. She still didn't have a name for her yet, but she figured that maybe that was something that would dawn on her once she had her with her.

While she waited for Jeff and the kitten, she made sure her apartment wasn't in too much of a mess. Not that it ever really was, because Riley was far too organized to let her apartment get truly messy, but still. Call it a routine before having company over.

Once that was done, she filled up a water bowl for the kitten and double checked the fridge to make sure she had drinks to offer to Jeff. Which she did. So, now all she had to do was wait.
Riley Anderson
02 January 2009 @ 09:38 am
1. Riley Elizabeth Anderson was born in Portland, Oregon, on April 22 1982. She's the baby of the family and the only girl; her brother Adam was 8 when she was born.

2. Her first name had been picked out because her father had wanted/expected another boy. In the end it stayed because the family had already gotten used to nicknaming the baby as such. She really doesn't mind her name, what she does mind is her middle name. So if she's asked her name, she says it's just Riley. No middle name.

3. When she was 5 her mother passed away due to a heart condition. Shortly after that, her father moved his two children to Southern California.

4. For the most part she's a tomboy, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have her girly moments.

5. Contacts are her best friends. She hates how she looks with glasses.

6. She has always been rebelious, but her father was never sure how to truly handle her. So, instead, Adam took care of her and mostly raised her.

7. When her father remarried when she was 12, she swore she was going to run away and live with Adam. She never did, and she still regrets it even if her relationship with her stepmother is better than the one she has with her father.

8. She graduated from high school at age 17, and after that she traveled through Europe for two years. To this day it's still the best experience of her life.

9. Once she was back, she enrolled into a 2-year nursing program.

10. After getting her license in 2003, she began working as a nurse at a clinic.

11. She began working at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles at the beginning of 2004.

12. When Adam turned 18, he enrolled into the army and was sent to the war in mid-2004. He was killed in November of the same year.

13. In December 2004 Adam's first child, Megan, was born. She's Riley's little star. Riley's the type of aunt that loves spoiling her rotten, and she's thankful she has a good enough relationship with her sister-in-law that she still gets to see her niece.

14. Even if she likes her job, photography is her true passion. But she knows it's a hobby, and leaves it at that.

15. She quit her job as a nurse in mid-2005 and has been doing various jobs since then. She wants to leave Los Angeles, she just has no idea where to.
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